About Me

I've been an independent health economist and working on health policy for over 10 years, after qualifying with an MSc in Health Economics from York University and BSc Economics from Nottingham University.

I have worked with all stakeholders in the health care system, ranging from patient organisations, the NHS, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers. I'm lucky to work on international issues so my clients have included both international and national organisations.

can help by:

- Horizon scanning and monitoring the landscape to help keep you up to date - whether that's for a particular therapy area or an emerging or established policy issue 

- Conducting evidence reviews - to give you a top line briefing or a more in-depth analysis of the issues in a particular area

- Conducting interviews - to help you hear from key opinion leaders 

- Conducting surveys - to help you hear from groups of stakeholders on their perspectives 

- Writing white papers - to help you set out the evidence and your calls to action

- Writing consultation responses to Government and others' consultations - to help you respond on policy proposals or give an independent perspective on your response

- Organising and/or taking part in advisory boards - to help you talk to those in the know or bring an independent perspective 

- Presenting at conferences - to bring a health economics perspective to a larger audience

- Add capacity to your team - to fill a gap, provide more hands on deck or act as a critical friend 

- Providing training - to induct new members of your team or give a refresher 

I work on a variety of issues including:
  • public and patient involvement (PPI);
  • competition in the health care system; 
  • health at work;
  • health care system regulation; 
  • Patient Access Schemes (PAS)/risk sharing schemes/managed entry agreements;
  • the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF); 
  • policy on Health Technology Assessment (HTA); 
  • the Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS) and
  • Value Based Pricing (VBP) and Value Based Assessment (VBA).
Some of my work on health and social issues has been published in journals including: The Patient, Pharmacoeconomics, Nursing Standard, Sexually Transmitted Infections, The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice and Policing and Society.

I'm also a freelance writer, and have written for the IMS Health publication Pharma Pricing and Reimbursement, FirstWord, PharmaTimes, EyeforPharmaPharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaphorum including their latest publication, Deep Dive.

I previously worked for the Royal College of Nursing and NERA Economic Consulting.