Quotes in the Media

There are times when I'm asked to comment on issues in health and pharmaceuticals by the media.  See some examples below:

As appraisal fees loom, NICE says no to industry calls for reform, Pink Sheet 22 Sept 2016 

NICE plans to charge for appraisals - but pharma wants reforms first, Pharmaphorum 12 Aug 2016

Live interview on the Government's deal with GSK on the meningitis B vaccine for Sky 
News on 29 Mar 2015

Cancer Drugs Fund: winners and losers in pharma, but a long-term fix is needed, Pharmaphorum 22 Jan 2015

2014: a remarkable year in cancer therapy Pharmaphorum 30 Dec 2014

Live interview on funding of proton beam therapy relating to the Ashya King case for Sky News on 31 Aug 2014

Editor's voice: December 2013 and a look ahead to 2014 Pharmaphorum 31 Dec 2013

Is that VBP on the Horizon or a Mirage? Pharmaceutical Executive May 2013

Value Based Pricing: Too High a Price for UK Pharma? Pharmaceutical Executive May 2012

Editor's voice - April 2011 Pharmaphorum 27 Apr 2011

Public and Patient Involvement at NICE: Why Does This Matter? Pharmaphorum Apr 2011